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Awning Grant

As the owner of the business and the building, Christine Wilson realized that her awning was fading and and needing an update. She put in an application for an awning grant, supplied CDI with the required itemized estimate and even sent a computer generated image of what the awning will look like on her building. Everything was within the Main Street Programs guidelines as to color and fabric. She was approved, and we do have to say that the computer image is exactly what the company followed through with. The building looks fresh and vibrant again.

                         Before                                                                                                                       During                                                                        After

Awning Grant Presentation in the amount of $652.14 on December 21, 2017

Pictured left to right: Brook Hutchens & Christine Wilson of Hometown Insurance and Keri Fitts & Christy Stephens of the CDI Design Committee

Hometown Insurance