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Week 1

 Turkey Tracker Clue #1

When you’re walking

look both ways

Then look south

of Fresh Paint Days.


Turkey Tracker Clue #2

Where everybody

knows your name

The address is

part of the game.


Turkey Tracker Clue #3

Some may say

it’s obsolete

They deliver;

rain, snow or sleet.


Turkey Tracker Clue #4



All the letters

go through me.

Week 4

Turkey Tracker Clue #1

Tomorrow a parade

To honor the brave

Flags that go by

Will give me a wave.


Turkey Tracker Clue #2

Look in the right place

You will see lots of spots

They ran alongside a coach

To keep horses a trot.


Turkey Tracker Clue #3

A momentous occasion

Where bronze is unveiled

Stand at attention

To our troops; All Hail


Turkey Tracker Clue #4

Man’s best friend

Is also friends with a hose

Put out a fire

With water that flows.

Clues and Winners for 2016


Turkey Tracker Clue #1

Here’s a tease

For you today

Come to CDI

Then walk away…


Turkey Tracker Clue #2

You’ll head east

Less than a block

You’ve gone too far

If you reach a rock.


Turkey Tracker Clue #3

Short or long

It’s all the same

Farrah and Jennifer

Had ones of fame.


Turkey Tracker Clue #4

Fashions, antiques

Taxes or workouts

Not from me

I handle blowouts.

Week 2

Week 3

Turkey Tracker Clue #1

Put your dancing shoes on,

it’s time once again.

The hunt has begun

for our fine feathered friend.


Turkey Tracker Clue #2

Call ahead of time

to save the date.

You’ll have a ball,

if it’s not too late!


Turkey Tracker Clue #3

Sit down, relax and ponder some more.

Look! 60% off gadgets galore.


Turkey Tracker Clue #4

Where two hearts collide

and take the same name.

It’s not out west

but the center of Main.

Turkey Tracker 2016

JB's Market donates four turkeys each year, to the winners who find the medallions each week in November for the Turkey Tracker contest. The Times Star prints the clues each week in the paper and then the hunt is on. With this fun little game we are hoping that the community will get out on the streets to see what's happening in town and maybe shop a bit while they are out looking for the medallion.