Bart Schultheiss decided he was ready for a change! He had a vision, applied for a Facade Grant and.......VOILA!! Old brick was replaced, a beautiful new awning was put up to span the length from the first window to the door and the two picture window were split apart (from an architectural stand point, this was needed to handle the weight of the two large windows). Please take time to walk by so you can see it up close. As a matter of fact if you look close enough you will find that Bart made sure to put a little history within the work that was done. The new brick area between the two windows houses 3 old Collinsville, OK bricks. - That was an amazing idea Bart, it looks great!! 

Schultheiss Insurance Building 2016

1126 W Main St.  Collinsville, OK 74021    918-371-5530

Facade Grant