1126 W Main St.  Collinsville, OK 74021    918-371-5530

Presentation of the Awning Grant, in the amount of $1,997.50 on October 10, 2017

In attendance from left to right: CDI Treasurer - Christine Wilson, CDI Vice President - Keri Fitts, building owner - Dale House, CDI President - Joe Sagi and Collinsville City Manager - Pam Polk.

Property Ventures, LLC, Church of Christ Food Pantry 2017

Awning Grant

Property Ventures, LLC bought this building on April 28, 2017. They knew immediately that the awning needed to be replaced and in no time at all they put their Awning Grant application in to CDI. We talked with them and discussed what is expected from the Main Street program, to qualify for the 50/50 matching (up to $2,000) grant and they gave us the required paperwork needed before construction was to begin. The new vibrant color makes the building look new again and we are very excited to be able to help them out with our grant program! This building is located at 111 S 11th St. and now houses Collinsville Church of Christ Food Room.