1126 W Main St.  Collinsville, OK 74021    918-371-5530

In attendance, from left to right: Christine Wilson - CDI Treasurer, Keri Fitts - CDI Vice President, building owners - Gary Miller and Jay Miller and Joe Sagi - CDI President.

Glaze Salon                     Creme de la Creme                    Rafter's Too

       920 W Main                             918 W Main                          916 W Main

Awning Grants

Presentation of the Awing Grants, in the amount of $4,631.90, on October 17, 2017. 

The building at 920 W Main St was built in 1950 and is now owned by Miller's Rental (Jay & Gary Miller). It houses three businesses; Glaze Salon at 920, Creme de la Creme at 918 and Rafters Too at 916. It was decided that it was time to get new awnings. Since there are 3 separate address, they were able to put in 3 separate applications awnings. They stuck with the guidelines under the CDI Main Street Program and their applications were approved. These are the 2nd, 3rd & 4th grant applications that were put in and approved in 2017.