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In 2017 it was decided to do something for Valentines Day. So we supplied the elementary age children with card-stock paper so that they could make valentines showing their love for Collinsville. We have some creative teachers for the ECC students and some extremely creative older students. When we gathered the valentines from the schools, we went to the downtown businesses and asked if we could put these valentines on their storefront windows. It was an overwhelming yes......everyone, that could, allowed us to put them up. 

Collinsville Public Schools Superintendent Lance West said that this went over very well and the kids loved it. So we will be doing this again for 2018. 

If you have a home-schooled child, they are more than welcome to come to join in also. We will have card-stock paper available at the CDI office starting Jan. 5th, for your child to decorate in any fashion that they choose...i.e, cut, glue, write, draw, paint, etc... Just bring it back to the office by Feb. 2nd and we will be putting them up the following week. 

We will collect them from Main St on Feb. 15th & 16th and will keep them in our office for a week if you would like to come and pick up your child's to keep.

Collinsville Downtown


Please enjoy a few of the valentines that the Collinsville lower elementary school students made to show off in our downtown in 2018!     (go to our Facebook page photo albums to see these larger)