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For those of you not familiar with the Turkey Tracker, CDI will hide a Turkey Medallion the first four weeks of November, corresponding with the Collinsville Times Star publication date of Thursdays. There will be 4 clues scattered throughout the Times Star newspaper, to help you locate the medallion. The prize each week will be a frozen turkey, supplied by JB's Market. Please be sure to enjoy the sites of downtown Collinsville as you have fun figuring out the clues we have supplied.

Rules for the hunt:

  • The deadline to bring in the medallion to win each week, is 2pm the Wednesday of the following week. You can call 918-902-8902 to report that you have found it and to set up a time to meet at JB's Market to receive your turkey...you must have the medallion with you in order to receive your prize.
  • The medallion will be hidden in the downtown area.​
  • There will be NO need for digging, clibing or disrupting any landscape in order to find the medallion.
  • come to Collinsville Downtown, Inc at 1126 W Main St, by 11:59pm on the following Wednesday with the medallion you found. Any medallion not found or not turned in by the deadline; the prize will be forfeited.
  • Only one household can win per year.
  • No medallion clues, nor the hiding places, require entry onto someone's private property. The hiding places will be around businesses or public property in the downtown area of Collinsville.
  • We urge everyone to have a good time and take the opportunity to discover Collinsville and be safe while searching for the medallions. Participants who engage in unsportsmanlike, disruptive or abusive behavior will be disqualified (at the discretion of CDI).

Week #3 Winners: Joe & Amber Husband with little Alexander

They found the medallion at Treasured Pediatric Care

Clues:                                                                 ​#1 - When you search for me look high and low;   You might see me, you never know.

#2 - A pirates booty in on your journey;                 if you find me you'll get your turkey.

#3 - Don't go astray you'll stay outside;              nowhere to run to yet somewhere to hide.

#4 - A son or a daughter will get you in;               They'll also see you if you bring in a twin.

Week #4 Winner: Lisa Little

She found the medallion at Dollar Fiesta Plus

Clues:                                                                 ​  #1 - Can you believe the end is here;                Last chance for a free turkey this year.

#2 - While getting ready for a special day;             Make sure you streamer this way.

#3 -You'll fine blue, red, silver or gold;                    The supplies here are never old.

#4 - We wish everyone a good Thanksgiving Day;  Christmas and a new year are on their way!.

Week #1 Winner: sadly, no one

We will not reveal where the medallion was hidden or the clues, so we can work on different clues for another year.

Photo credit Kim Miller

We hope that everyone had fun deciphering the clues and we wish you all luck next year!


Turkey Tracker

Medallion Hunt

Week #2 Winners: Roger & Lynne Walters

They found the medallion at Recovering Roots Yoga


​#1 - The leaves they are a changing;           like colors in a beautiful painting.

#2 - You can go hand-to-big-toe;                   then my spot you will know.

#3 - Fire log definitely will not melt;              but a little burn might be felt.

#4 - Take a deep breath, then exhale;          you'll find me if you decipher this tale.